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Sunday, March 3, 2013

25th Festival Film Malaysia (FFM25) @ PICC Putrajaya

I feel very happy because tonight I‘ll attend to 25th Festival Film Malaysia 2013 (FFM25) @ PICC Putrajaya after knock off. Can't believe I can get to go movie award ceremony, it was excited! This is the first time I attend movie Award Festival some more is a TV Live Show at RTM TV2.

So actually I already inform my family to watch it try to catch me on the TV. =P

This is my outfit of the night
VIP Pass for the award ceremony

Red Carpet live show 

Behind the Scene

with Wilson Tan 陳佑軒, Anita Phang 范綺雯 and Yumi Wong 黃詩棋

At FFM25 award ceremony

with Miss Malaysia Chinatown 1994 - Anita Phang 范綺雯

TV2 Live show
FFM 25 Stage

Today I saw a lot of malay star, they are super gorgeous! We have to leave until the end of the ceremony. After finish the ceremony we go to eat KFC as our supper .Hope next time I still have the chance to attend award ceremony like this!

Result (FFM25) 25th Festival Filem Malaysia

Filem Box Office – Ombak Rindu
Anugerah Pencapaian Khas - Rhythm & Hue Studio (Life of Pi)
Anugerah Khas Sepanjang Hayat Wanita – Seniwati Mariani Ismail
Anugerah Khas Sepanjang Hayat Lelaki – Datuk Aziz Satar
Anugerah Khas Juri Penggiat TV Lelaki – Mano Maniam
Anugerah Khas Juri Penggiat TV Wanita – Lai Meng
Anugerah Khas Juri – Filem Vajram
Pelakon Harapan Wanita – Jojo Goh (29 Februari)
Pelakon Harapan Lelaki – Izzue Islam (29 Februari)
Pelakon Pembantu Wanita Terbaik – Normah Damanhuri (Songlap)
Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik – Syafie Naswip (Songlap)
Penyunting Terbaik – Wong Hui Lynn (Songlap)
Cerita Asal Terbaik – Dain Iskandar Said (Bunohan)
Lakon Layar Terbaik – Dain Iskandar Said (Bunohan)
Sinematografi Terbaik – Hariss Hue Abdullah (Songlap)
Pelakon Wanita Terbaik – Maya Karin (Ombak Rindu)
Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik – Faizal Hussein (Bunohan)
Pengarah Filem Terbaik – Dain Iskandar Said (Bunohan)
Filem Bukan Melayu Terbaik – Petaling Street Warriors
Filem Terbaik – Bunohan