Thursday, May 16, 2013

M/V -《SR Dance Promo 2013》Directed by RayTanSY

Yeah!! It's time to blog about my latest works for SR Soul Rhythm Dance School Promo Video 2013.  This time they will dance a new songGentlemanby PSY.  I went back to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur last weekend and I just only have 1 day for this video shooting at Legoland, Malaysia

Before I share my latest music video, I would like to let you guys see our group photo. 

SR Crew from Soul Rhythm Dance School (Malaysia)

After I shooting this music video, I feel that the hardest things is to combine the KPOP dance with the part of Belly DanceKick Boxing. I hope that you guys will like it and please do not hesitate to leave comment for me! =)

Music Video -《SR Gentleman》Promo 2013 on Ray's Channel

Music Video -《SR Gentleman》Promo 2013 on SR's Channel
After I share this video few days, the music video reached 30k views!! I feel very happy and appreciate!!! You can subscribe my Youtube Channel to see more artworks. Link here =P

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

BONIA Pop-Up Store Launch Party @ Ochard Green, Singapore

BONIA Pop-Up Store launch party at Orchard Green Singapore. Many Singapore artists and fashion celebrities attended the party tonight. This is the first time I go to Singapore for business trip, although my hometown is Johor Bahru beside the Singapore. I feel very honored can join this fashion party.

Apart from the fashion showcase, there will feature various activities such as female percussionists performances, a BONIA capsule collection exhibition and an exclusive preview of BONIA’s Italian-inspired Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection

With Singapore director/actor - Jack Neo 梁智強
BONIA Launch Party

BONIA Pop-up Store Launch Party at Orchard Green Singapore

Sound system

avant-garde and costly


BONIA’s Italian-inspired Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection

Sonia Sui 隨棠
BONIA's 1st International Ambassador - Sonia Sui 隨棠

Sonia Sui 隨棠
Taiwan gorgeous supermodel / actor Sonia Sui

Sonia Sui 隨棠
Photo section

With Singapore actor Jimmy Taenaka
With Singapore actor Bobby Tonelli
Wilson Tan 陳佑軒
Wilson Tan 陳佑軒
With our artist supermodel Wilson Tan 陳佑軒
Nice to meet with Singapore Famous Blogger Bubba Mama

BONIA's 1st International Ambassador - Sonia Sui

Wake up in the early morning for BONIA's Press Conference at Mandarin Orchard Singapore . Sonia Sui 隨棠 will becomes Bonia first international Brand Ambassador and represent BONIA in campaigns for Singapore and Malaysia. Today will also be the signing ceremony, let us continue to and see.

Sonia Sui 随棠
with Taiwan supermodel Sonia Sui 隨棠
Sonia Sui 随棠
Press Conference start

Sonia Sui 随棠
Sonia Sui 随棠
After the press conference, we will continue interview by some magazine and media. So happy to meet Sonia Sui 隨棠 at Singapore and very happy can take a photo with her, She is very friendly and chatty.

Sonia Sui 随棠
Interview with Sonia by XINMSN

After I saw this video I just want to laugh because of the title of this video, they are very nasty! =.=
Sonia Sui 随棠
Sonia Sui 随棠
What happens during the interview make Sonia so happy?

Sonia Sui 随棠
Thanks my colleague shoot this photo for me ^^

Sonia Sui 随棠
Video Shooting by me =P
Sonia Sui 随棠
I-Weekly magazine cover shoot
Irene Ang
with friendly Irene Ang 洪愛玲 , Oops So Shy =D

with my colleague

After these all interview we back to our hotel ready for night Launching Party at BONIA Pop Up Store.