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Thursday, May 16, 2013

M/V -《SR Dance Promo 2013》Directed by RayTanSY

Yeah!! It's time to blog about my latest works for SR Soul Rhythm Dance School Promo Video 2013.  This time they will dance a new songGentlemanby PSY.  I went back to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur last weekend and I just only have 1 day for this video shooting at Legoland, Malaysia

Before I share my latest music video, I would like to let you guys see our group photo. 

SR Crew from Soul Rhythm Dance School (Malaysia)

After I shooting this music video, I feel that the hardest things is to combine the KPOP dance with the part of Belly DanceKick Boxing. I hope that you guys will like it and please do not hesitate to leave comment for me! =)

Music Video -《SR Gentleman》Promo 2013 on Ray's Channel

Music Video -《SR Gentleman》Promo 2013 on SR's Channel
After I share this video few days, the music video reached 30k views!! I feel very happy and appreciate!!! You can subscribe my Youtube Channel to see more artworks. Link here =P

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