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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Mr. Right (Movie) Promotional Photoshoot

Today we have a mission! We are going to shoot for the new movie 《My MR. RIGHT 我的真命天子》 promotional photosI feel very honor can work with Malaysia supermodel Amber Chia 謝麗萍, Wilson Tan 陳佑軒 and Venice Min 陳慧敏In addition, we will also shoot their personal profile photos.

After their changing outfits, they start make-up and styling.  Let us continue to look down!

Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy) ; My MR. RIGHT 我的真命天子
Flowers have something to tell me =P
Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy) & Venice Min 陳慧敏 & Amber Chia 謝麗萍 & Wilson Tan 陳佑軒 ; My MR. RIGHT 我的真命天子
Chinese classical and elegant look
Did you see the struggle of them?

with my colleague
Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy) & Venice Min 陳慧敏 ; My MR. RIGHT 我的真命天子
with pretty gorgeous Venice Min 陳慧敏
Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy) & Wilson Tan 陳佑軒 ; My MR. RIGHT 我的真命天子
work again with supermodel Wilson Tan 陳佑軒

We start photo shooting from midday and finally done on 9 pm. After finish we feel very hungry so we decided to eat dinner. So we pack all our stuff and continue our dinner at Sri Petaling .