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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Golden Wau Awards (GWA) Ceremony Party

After Golden Wau Awards 金箏獎 we continue Ceremony Party at Pullman Hotel Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 's outdoor swimming pool All the celebrities, guest, actor and director attended the ceremony party tonight. I'm going to be posting all about the GWA Ceremony Party we held on 15th October.

Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
Outfit of that night =P
I love it ^^

Party Start!!

Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with my colleague
"People Mountain People Sea"

with Sin Hui
Fabian Loo 吕志勤 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Spotlite bro Fabian Loo
Yumi Wong 黃詩棋 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Yumi Wong 黃詩棋
Niklaus Nky 黃光榮 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with my bro Niklaus Ng
Miau Miau 林靜苗 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Miau Miau 林靜苗
天天好天 周青元 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
Director《天天好天》Chiu Dao 周青元
Gan Jiang Han 顏江翰 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Astro host Gan Jiang Han 顏江翰
Hui Mei 萧慧敏 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Astro host Hui Mei 萧慧敏
Alamak Henry Thia 程旭辉 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Singapore actor Alamak Henry Thia 程旭辉
A Niu 阿牛 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Malaysia singer/actor/director A Niu 阿牛 
Kara Hui 惠英紅 & Ray Tan 陳學沿 (raytansy)
with Hong Kong Best Actress Kara Hui 惠英紅