Tuesday, April 22, 2014

M/V -《Ylvis - The Fox Flash Mob Malaysia》Produced by RayTanSY

Yo check it out!! Latest Music Video for SR Crew in 2014. SR crew invited to join a Flash Mob Party at City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia by Ecoworld development. This time will dance a new song《The Foxby Ylvis. So let's see how SR Crew have fun in the City Square, Malaysia

Music Video -《Ylvis - The Fox》Flash Mob Malaysia on Ray's Channel

Music Video -《Ylvis - The Fox》Flash Mob Malaysia on SR's Channel
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SR Crew from Soul Rhythm Dance School (Malaysia)

SR Official Website - www.soulrhythm.com.my
SR Official Facebook - www.facebook.com/srdanceschool

Ylvis - The Fox》Flash Mob Malaysia Crew List
Produced : Ray Tan SY 陳學沿
Cinematography / Editor :  Ray Tan SY 陳學沿
Dancer : Soul Rhythm Dance School
Instructor : Yo & Ray
Present : Ecoworld